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 Ragzndreams Ragdolls in forever homes...


I love to recieve photos and have regular updates on my kittens in their new homes.

I love doing what I do and seeing how happy families are with their ragzndreams ragdoll.

I will share photos wil you here when I can. If I recieve alot of photos your cat could have her or his own page too!!

Thank you for giving such happy, loving homes :-)


If you enjoy social media please ask to join my exclusive group ONLY for Ragzndreams families. Click Facebook logo link to take you there

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ragdoll kittens, ragdoll breeder UK, Seal mitted ragdoll
ragdoll kittens, ragdoll breeder UK, Seal mitted ragdoll


Hi Jayne, I cant believe how big Remi is getting at 10 months!! He is so fluffy too!! The best thing about him is how much he makes me laugh he is so full of character!

His gorgoeus red colour has really come out now and his ears are a lovely deep orange, I love his little splodge of colour under his nose it makes him so unique and just adds to his charm.

I have always wanted a red Ragdoll, I can't thank you enough Jayne :-)

Louise xx


"You may see quite alot of Remi on this website!! Louise is my friend and is always taking lovely photos of him, he is her little model, he loves to pose for the camera! I have many photographs from Louise so I thought it would be nice for him to have his own page. Just click his photo on the left and it will take you there" 




I kept onto to little Erin for a long while as I really wanted to keep her. She is litter sister to Remi above. Their mum is Lilly, she only ever has small litters but I have to say they have the most wonderful personalities, full of character.

Erin lives with Darcy below and are loved and spoilt rotten by their lovely slaves Isabel and Alan.




Darcy is a beautiful blue cream tortie, such a pretty girl and litter sister to my beautiful show girl Mia.

She lives with the lovely Isabel and Alan and their dogs. She now has another one of my kittens Erin above who is a seal tortie. I love watching torties coats mature, they are alwyas unique and very striking.



Imy is litter sister to Lilliemae below and my beautiful show girl Sophie.

Such a pretty girl and being spoilt rotten by her loving slave Carole and the rest of her family in Luxembourg.

She also has two Siberian sisters to play with Dshinny & Deenah. Imy is the boss! :-) The youngest often are!


ragdoll kittens, ragdoll breeder UK, Seal mitted ragdoll


Lilliemae is another very pretty girl. Litter sister to Imy above and my beautiful show girl Sophie. I love Lilliemae's markings often the mismarked raggies are extra stiking to look at as they are so individual and unique. Lilliemae is stunning and has been captured perfectly by Debbie's husband who is a wedding photographer, another model in the making :-)

ragdoll kittens, ragdoll breeder UK, Seal mitted ragdoll



Suiki is from Missy`s 2009 litter. There dad was Casper.

She lives with Nicola and Anthony in Stoke on Trent.

This photograph was taken on her 1st birthday.

She loves being in the garden but is only allowed out there supervised.

What a beautiful girl she has become.

Thank you for sending me the pictures Nicola :-)

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