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This group is ONLY for forever homes of my beautiful babies, only recently set up. It is a secret group so your other facebook friends wont know how bonkers you are about your cats. A great place to share regular updates of your Ragzndreams Ragdolls, funny stories and a mutual love from all its members. Of course and as your breeder I am always there to support you with whatever I can.

I hope to see you there soon :-) 

Ragdoll Rescue UK

A team of dedicated breeders and pet owners helping find the perfect people to give forever homes for this very special breed.

If you think you could offer a home a Ragdoll in need or would like help rehoming your Ragdoll please get in touch.

Online Shop and LOUISE MARIE FINE ART work in progress blog.

Beautiful Feline Fine Art Greetings Cards by traditional artist and graphic designer Louise Marie Stevenson

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy


The British Ragdoll Cat Club

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