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I lost Kizzy to bone cancer in June 2007 

I was devastated.

She spent all her time with me and every morning I had to have my face washed.

While watching tv she would lie on my chest with her head at the side of mine.

She just loved being with me.

Even after all this time I still miss her and don't think I will ever find another cat like her.

Buddy missed her so much. He wasn't eating and would cry for her which was so upsetting.

I decided I had to get another kitten and started looking for a Ragdoll.

RIP Sweet Shadow


It is with great saddness that I have to say that Shadow (Titch) out of Missy's 2009 litter was tragically killed in a traffic accident.

He was only just over a year old.


At a few days old he was the smallest of the litter. I had to hand feed him even though he objected! At one time I wasnt sure if he would make it.  He was such a character and a real fighter. He made me laugh he was such a funny boy.

He grew into a handsome big boy. He was much loved by Gennie, Dave and their children Sonnie and Sydney. Misty their other cat also loved him.

Hope you are playing and having fun over the bridge little man.


Im loving memory


Ragzndreams Double Take

April 13th 2014 - August 22nd 2014

RIP Jupiter


It is with great saddness and a heavy heart, that lovely Jupiter was tragically killed when hit by a car trying to catch up with his mummy when she left for work one lunch time. He dashed out of the door when a fellow house mate left to leave the house moments after his mummy.


I hope you are playing and having fun over the rainbow bridge little man and have been reunited with your litter brother, my beautiful RJ.

You are in our hearts forever.



Im loving memory
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