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 Ragzndreams  Guest  Book

     Hi Jayne. Just had a look at your wonderful website, just reading about you and your gorgeous furry friends you can tell you must be a lovely person and excellent breeder. If my husband ever lets me have another I will be giving u a call!

All the best Sharon

(Slave to Archie, seal mitted raggie) & 4 female moggies



     Hello Jayne. Thank you so much! I will never forget ringing you up and enquiring about buying my first Ragdoll from you. Talk about excited, I don’t think I got any sleep. I have always wanted a Ragdoll and knew immediately that buying one from you was just perfect, you explained everything about your Ragdolls very clearly I never felt at any time pressured, you were very understanding and probably most of all very patient. As soon as I saw her in your lovely home playing with her brothers I new she was meant to be, I think I pretty much named her Suiki there and then (Farraro Dream Suiki seal mitted). What can I say she is everything that they say in the books, she follows you everywhere she has gone from sleeping next to me on the bed to sleeping next to me in the bed. Oh by the way she has fitted in with my other four cats brilliantly. Thanks again Jayne for everything and most of all my little Suiki she gives me so much pleasure never a dull moment.




      Hi Jayne. Thank you and Cally for producing such beautiful offspring - Darcy is a Star!!!!! but you know that already x The website is looking really good - Darcy is especially liking looking at pictures of himself X Definately going to have one of Missy's kittens next year. If I'm not careful, I'll end up with a house full! Look forward to see you soon and I will visit the website again even sooner.

Take care x

Tracie and Darcy xxx



    Jayne we have been friends for a few years now, and if it wasn't for our friend Jane & my Snowdrop we would never of met! I believe things happen for a reason and I am so pleased we met and love having you as a friend. What I am most grateful for though is having a Ragzndreams baby, my Remi is lovely. The hard work and love you have for your cats is clear for all to see and they are a credit to you. Thank you for my red boy, you really are one of the kindest people I know. Anyone who is lucky enough to have one of your cats will not be disappointed.

Love Louise

Purrs Coco, Snowdrop & Remi xxx


     Fantastic! Love the website, beautiful colours, interesting features and beautiful Ragdolls!!


Vanessa Cleland

~ 6th April 2014 ~

Darcy & Erin

     My advice to anybody wishing to have a Ragdoll, look no further than Jayne and her Ragzndreams Ragdolls! My friendship with Jayne commenced just over 12 months ago when we were looking for a Ragdoll kitten to comfort our other Raggie, Louis having sadly lost his soulmate, HollyRose to kidney failure. Having spent hours on the Internet I came across Jayne's advert - the rest is history! On our first visit to view Darcy, both Jayne and I were a little concerned that this little bundle of fluff seemed to have attached herself to my husband, Alan - this had to change and it did once she came home with us - Darcy is very much a mummy's girl and she is loved to bits by both of us and of course Louis. A few months later Jayne sent me an E-mail on the off chance that we would like another kitten, namely "cheeky Erin" - once again.....the rest is history and now we have 3 gorgeous ragdolls - the latter 2 all thanks to Jayne. Not only are we proud owners of perfect Ragdolls but have a lovely friendship with Jayne who is so passionate about her cats, a truly dedicated breeder and always at the end of the telephone should you need her. really are a very special person to both humans and Ragdolls!!!


Isabel & Alan Reeves

~ 10th April 2014 ~

Jupiter & Titan

     I absolutely love my 4 month old seal point and red point boys. They are so different in character but both are beautiful and loving. Jupiter is a large, often placid real Ragdoll beauty who loves me to bits. He will have a paw or two on me somewhere (arm, leg, hand, face, hair) whenever he sleeps, and he regularly washes me as well as Titan. The only word to describe Titan is that he's a 'character' - he makes everyone laugh with his antics eg flying around to pounce on Jupiter from a height, or climbing into the fridge or washing machine. I'm always tripping over Titan as he rushes between my feet arriving from nowhere! They eat anything, are healthy, and are litter trained. They are extremely sociable. I'm entering them both in a Cat Show in November: I think judges will adore them both, for different reasons. They are wonderful company but also snuggle up together to sleep, or play together when I'm out. Jayne was great while I waited for them to reach 3 months old - she sent regular video clips so I got to know them from babyhood.

Sally Shipsey

~ 8th September 2014 ~


     I had Lillie-Mae 29th August 2013 off Jayne and couldn't have asked for a better person to bring my little girl into the world. Jayne looks after her cats with true passion and I wouldn't go anywhere else now for cats, yes CATS, hope to be having plenty off you in the near future, just need to let my hubby: Jon know first !!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with making Lillie-Mae such a well behaved little girl, she sorted my three other Ragdolls boys out she came home. Here's to a long-life friendship and customer for many years to come !!!


Best Regards, Deb x

~ 7th April 2014 ~


     Me and Terrence had been looking into getting a pedigree baby to add to our family. We found Jaynes lovely website and she kindly arranged for us go and see her family of Ragdolls, we fell in love straight away!! They all were stunning, all had their own amazing personalities with a beautiful Ragdoll temperament! Jaynes knowledge was amazing and she reassured us with any questions we had. She had the perfect boy for us, Charlton! Jayne let us come and see our baby a few times before we took him home, everything was what was best for the cat. When we finally got to take our baby home, it was the best decision we have made, he is an absolute gem! Such a lovely personality and beautiful temperament and nature and of course he is so handsome! Jayne has always been there if I had any questions and always took her time out to get back to me! I will definitely be getting another baby from her in the future! I saw from he first time we spoke you adore your ragdolls and I feel very lucky to have one from you.


Laura and Terrence Hannibal xxx

~ 8th September 2014 ~

Queenie & Batman

     Hey Jayne! Love the new website. Our two babies (Queenie and Batman) have grown in to the most amazing cats. We're so glad we got them from you, not only are they gorgeous but have the most wonderful personalities which could clearly be seen in your own cats. Queenie is a little madam just like you said she would be and Batman is the spitting image of Prince, a huge soppy teddy bear :) We can't thank you enough for letting us have them xxx


Julia Tregenza

~ 12th September 2014 ~

Ragzndreams Diva

     Hi Jayne I just wanted to leave a note on your website to say thank you again for letting Ava join my furry family. She really is a diva!!! She's fitted in so well & is a treasure to own; always purring & very confident! Rio especially is besotted with her; and she is with him! You breed beautiful kittens who grow into lovely, happy cats. Thank you for mine.


Charlie xx

~ 8th September 2014 ~

Thank you for your comment it will be added to my site soon x

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