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Dam Grand Champion Ragzndreams High Hopes

Sire UK & Imperial Grand Champion Silkiestar Raphael


All my litters are of course very special to me but this one even more so as it is the first born to a dam with my prefix. I held Indi (Ragzndreams High Hopes) back until she had reached Grand champion status and only the best boy in town would do for my beautiful girl and what a wonderful litter of four beautiful kittens they have created.
A special thank you goes to Sue Jones at Grooviecats for allowing me to use her stunning boy for stud, he has not dissapointed! I even have a mini Raphael all I can say is he will be a hard act to follow!
Here they all are at their first photoshoot at six weeks old. I hope you enjoy :-)
Photography and digital art by ©Louise Marie
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